Personal Blót for Frigg

Ritual Items

  • Drinking horn or glass
  • Mead, beer, cider, or another beverage
  • Blessing bowl
  • Candle

Private Blót

In order to make an offering to Frigg for yourself or your family, first pour yourself a horn (or glass) of mead or other beverage and say:

“Frigg, goddess of the hearth and home, hail!
Queen of the Aesir, hail!
Foremost amongst all goddesses, hail!
Wife to Odin, hail!
Mother to Baldr, hail!
She who knows the wyrd of all things, hail!
Hail, Frigg!”

Drink some of the mead or beverage and pour some out into the bowl for Frigg to request guidance or something for your home you need through this offering. Light the candle and say:

“Frigg, goddess of the hearth and home,
Goddess who foresees the fate of all things,
You who are queen of Asgard
Who looks over all her people as ruler,
I ask of you to help protect and guide my family
And those within my household
So that all within the shelter of this house
May live to the best of their abilities
Whether through wisdom, hospitality, or caring,
Bless this house and all those who dwell within,
Hail, Frigg!”

Order or cook yourself a special meal. Give some of your food and drink to Frigg with the thought of giving to her a gift for a gift. Throughout the meal, think of how a household would probably pray to Frigg to look after their household and inspire everyone within it as a chieftain’s wife would with strength, foresight through divination, and making sure all manner of hospitality were upheld for visitors and those within.

Mentally reach back to those ancestors—whether of your flesh and blood or those who have also done as you are doing by making an offering. Imagine yourself as a chieftain or a chieftain’s wife who wants to make sure that frith is upheld and that those who dwell under their roof (whether permanently or temporarily) would be protected and would leave the house only with positive thoughts while you imagine sharing this meal with her, your drink with her, and each other’s presence. Pour some more mead or other beverage in a final simple thank you to Frigg and say:

“Spirits of the land, spirits of water, and plants of field, forest, mountain, sea, sky, ancestors of old and to the goddess Frigg: Accept this offering, my gift unto you.”

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