Personal Blót to Sif

Ritual Items:

Drinking horn or glass
Mead, beer, cider, or another beverage
Blessing bowl

Private Blót

In order to make an offering to Sir for yourself or a loved one, first pour yourself a horn (or glass) of mead or other beverage and say:

“Sif, fertility of the earth, hail!
Goddess of the harvest, hail!
Goddess of the golden hair, hail!
Wife of Thor and mother of Ullr, hail!
Goddess of breaking bread and keeper of frith, hail!”

Drink some of the mead or beverage and pour some out into the bowl for Sif to request peace and bounty to your household that you need through this offering. Light the candle and say:

“Sif, known as goddess of the hearth and keeper of frith,
Goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth,
You who looks after both home and family
You bless the harvests to bring bounteous returns
I ask you to both bless and look after my family
I ask you to help do so by helping bring bounty
To this house as if it were a flourishing crop
Under your blessing growing and bringing life
Help this house and help my loved ones. Hail, Sif!”

Order or cook yourself a special meal. Give some of your food and drink to Sif with the thought of giving to her a gift for a gift. Throughout the meal, think of how ancient farmers would look to the blessed marriage of Sif to Thor–of an earth goddess to a sky god for a fruitful harvest of their crops. Think of the crops you have in your life–whether it be your work, projects of import, your family and children, your own garden, or something else. These are all things you’ve put your heart and work into that bring bounty to your house and life.

Mentally reach back to those ancestors—whether of your flesh and blood or those who have also done as you are doing by making an offering. Imagine yourself as an ancient farmer who prays to Sif and Thor for their marriage to bring life and happiness to his family. She keeps the frith by making sure everyone has what they need while you imagine sharing this meal with her, your drink with her, and each other’s presence. Pour some more mead or other beverage in a final simple thank you to Sif and say:

“Spirits of the sky that come as wind and rain, spirits of the fertile ground and nature, plants of field and forest, spirits of mountain, ancestors of old and to the goddess Sif: Accept this offering, my gift unto you.”

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