Personal Blót to Freyja

Ritual Items:

Drinking horn or glass
Mead, beer, cider, or another beverage
Blessing bowl

Private Blót

In order to make an offering to Freyja and honor her, pour yourself a horn (or glass) of mead or other beverage and say:

“Freyja, fair one, goddess of the seidhkona, hail!
She who taught Odin the magics of seidr, hail!
Chief of the Valkyries and queen of the Volur, hail! Sister of Freyr, Daughter of Njordr, and Lady of the Vanir, hail!
Ruler of Gib-Cats and Brisinga-men, hail!
Thrice burned and thrice risen, hail!
Freyja, hail!”

Drink some of the mead or beverage and pour some out into the bowl for Freyja as you want to honor her. Light the candle and say:

“Freyja, you are known as the goddess of the Volur,
Ruler of Fólkvangr and dweller of Sessrumnir
You who are skilled with magic and goddess of love and fertility,
I ask for you to share your knowledge and gifts with me
I ask you to grant me your strength, wisdom, and magic,
So that when challenges come, I will be able to rise once again
As you did.
Hail, Freyja!”

Order or cook yourself a special meal. Give some of your food and drink to Freyja. Throughout the meal, think of what the witches of your past and the past in the heathen cultures went through. Think about how they called upon Freyja for fertility, for magical skill, for wisdom to do the right thing with the gifts they were given. Pour some more mead or other beverage and ask Freyja as well as the other gods and goddesses to bless you in your future spiritual or magical endeavors and say:

“Spirits of the sky and the plentiful earth, spirits of running water and plants of field, forest, mountain, and ocean, ancestors of old, and to the gods and goddesses: Accept this offering, my gift unto you.”

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