Personal Blót to Walpurgisnacht (to Freyja and Disir)

Ritual Items:

  • Drinking horn or glass
  • Mead, beer, cider, or another beverage
  • Blessing bowl
  • Candle

Private Blót 
On April 30th, pour yourself a horn (or glass) of mead or other beverage and say:
“Freyja, fair one, goddess of the seidhkona, I call to you.
I have come before you to honor your daughters who
Have been forgotten, and lost throughout the ages
Wise women, healers, mystics, and sages.
Freyja, she who taught Odin the magics of seidr,
I ask for you to share with your daughters and their
Strength, wisdom, magic, and knowledge
The paths they tread I do now acknowledge.”

Drink some of the mead or beverage and pour some out into the bowl for the ancestral witches of our past. Light the candle and say:

“Volva, know you are remembered, know that you are honored, and thank you for the magic you all brought to this world.”

Order or cook yourself a special meal. Give some of your food and drink to the ancestral witches of old and to the gods. Throughout the meal, think of what the witches of your past and the past in the heathen cultures went through. Think about how knowing there were witches in the past who helped create the spiritual path we practice nowadays and think about how that knowledge affects you today as you continue to contemplate things. Pour some more mead or other beverage and ask the gods/goddesses and the ancestral witches to bless you in your future spiritual or magical endeavors and say:

“Spirits of the sky and the plentiful earth, spirits of running water and plants of field, forest, mountain, and ocean, ancestors of old and to the gods and goddesses: Accept this offering, my gift unto you.”

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