The Home Shrine

A brief description, with photos if possible, of the Dedicant’s home shrine and plans for future improvements. (150 words min.) (WC 289)

From left to right on the dried moss which I have to recreate my own mini-grove, I have a clay tree with a smile on its trunk for my connection to the nature spirits, a small cauldron for the ancestors, and a candle in a glass candle holder with a boar etched into the side that a grove member made to experiment with etching.

Behind the candle is a faerie door that I have mentally connected to another door in my mental workspace where I do my own guided meditations to speak with the gods and goddesses. On the black rabbit fur, I have an antler wand in case I need one, a Native American bone knife for anything that might need something like an athame, and a big leaf incense ash catcher/burner. The green ceramic thing I use for putting in my offerings to the gods and nature spirits (it’s an image of the Green Man/Cernunnos). To the right side in the bags are some runes and ogham. I also have a black scrying mirror and a wooden altar set of drawers which are currently empty.

On the dried moss, I have a broken silver chain that I use to magically energize my cauldron when doing private rituals and a blessed, six-sided bindrune die we made in an ADF ritual.

How’d I like to expand it would be to maybe add some statues to my patrons–Cernunnos, Freyja, and Cerridwen. I also might move the mirror to another spot. Since this is where I have built-in bookshelves, the book shelf below this might be better used as a place where I store my offerings or other things that could be useful for ritual. Currently, it holds random books.