Personal Blót to Thor

Ritual Items:

  • Drinking horn or glass
  • Mead, beer, cider, or another beverage
  • Blessing bowl
  • Candle

Private Blót

In order to make an offering to Thor, first pour yourself a horn (or glass) of mead or other beverage and say:

“Thor, wielder of Mjolnir, hail!
Guardian of Asgard and Midgard, hail!
Sky god of thunder, hail!
Humanity’s protector, hail!
Strongest of the gods, hail!
God of hallowing, hail!
Hail, Thor!”

Drink some of the mead or beverage and pour some out into the bowl for Thor to request protection or the strength to take on a challenge you’ll need through this offering. Light the candle and say:

“Thor, you who are called upon to protect Asgard,
You who are called upon to protect Midgard and mankind,
Wielder of Mjolnir who we wear to show our faith
So we may call upon your megin in the face of adversity
We ask you to guard our homes
And to give us the might to protect our own
And the power to stand up for what is right
Help us call upon the fortitude within ourselves
Whether through strength, courage, or the resolve we need
So that we may face and conquer challenges
Both within ourselves and outside of ourselves.
Hail, Thor!”

Order or cook yourself a special meal. Give some of your food and drink to Thor with the thought of giving to him a gift for a gift. Throughout the meal, think of how a warrior might prepare for a battle with a prayer to Thor to grant them the strength and help him overcome any fear they might be facing so they can summon the strength to rise to meet the challenges they will face in battle.

Mentally reach back to those ancestors—whether of your flesh and blood or those who have also done as you are doing by making an offering. Imagine yourself as a warrior, girded for battle, weapon strapped to your side as you eat a meal to prepare yourself for conflict ahead while you imagine sharing this meal with him, your drink with him, and each other’s presence. Pour some more mead or other beverage in a final simple thank you to Thor and say:

“Spirits of the sky, spirits of plants of field, trees of the forest, spirits of mountain, land, ancestors of old and to the god Thor: Accept this offering, my gift unto you.”

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